House of Denna



The House of Denna specialise in creating stunning handmade jewellery with an art deco twist. As an independent its important to clearly articulate it's engaging and charming back story as it was unknown outside it's select local audience. They needed to transition the brand to target a wider consumer base.


It was important to us that we positioned the brand in way that allowed it to stand on its own in a stylish and timeless manner. We created a branding mark that not only highlighted it's art deco influences but also celebrated its contemporary vision. The logo not only creates a direct link to art deco but also creates an abstract ring shape - the item of jewellery that the House of Denna is most renowned for.

Our design solution was created to be future ready, allowing for new products and ranges to seamlessly integrate into the brand.


The House of Denna has gained great momentum and regularly sees her designs and workshops sold out.