PAAW House



Whisky may have timeless masculinity and social cache but negative taste perceptions still persist. Rums, being sweeter in taste had in J&B’s main markets grown in volume at J&B’s expense.  Our brief was to brand a honey variant to tempt young whisky rejecters.


J&B has a long history of challenging whisky convention and we wanted to keep up the tradition. Inspired by the creative idea, The Urban Hive, the design captures the buzz of the modern city. We transformed the iconic yellow label into a bright honeycomb cityscape against which the J&’Bee’ marque is set. We then used celebrated illustrator Si Scott to hand draw our bee. His distinctive style combines flowing linework with precise detailing. Bold and surprising, it’s J&B’s bravest move to date.


So successful has this piece of work been that it has garnered a life of it’s own. Spreading far beyond pack onto touch points ranging from digital to merchandise. It has been embraced by the trade and consumers alike.