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The Yoga Space branding

The Yoga Space 

The yoga space approached us as they felt their existing branding needed a refresh to reflect their journey from a 300sq ft room in a business centre to their new home, a 3000sq ft duplex well-being waterfront studio, overlooking the river Thames.


We set out to create a modern visual identity, whilst still paying homage to their original design which they were still quite fond of, as it represented where they had come from.



Brand Identity


Brand Activation

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The Yoga Space signage design
The Yoga Space food photography

Inspired by this, we chose a confident and meaningful mark which we felt represented their philosophy, values, goals and all the facets of their new business.

They liked the end results so much, they invited us back to assist with the external and internal interior design as well as advising, creating and cooking a food + beverage menu offering for their growing community.

The Yoga Space signage design
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